JC and Bianca Wedding Video Released

  It’s finally out! The top Wedding Videographer, Jason Magbanua, gives you a masterpiece on the intimate wedding of the celebrity Bianca Gonzales and basketball player JC Intal last December 4, 2014 held in Lagen Island Resorts, El Nido , Palawan. This momentous event was attended by their relatives and closest friends. It is a […]

Banana Tree Crying

Do you believe in ghosts or other mythical creatures? Do you think they exist? Or are they just mere products of our wild imaginations?   In an unknown village some banana trees are believed by the residents to be really crying. Some other testified that yes, the banana trees are crying! They don’t know what […]

Pinay Overseas Worker is Seeking for Assistance

Social Media has made us connect to people anywhere in the world. This advantage was used by this Pinay Overseas Worker in Saudi Arabia. She seeks for immediate help. Her name is Sarrah Grace Suriaga. She is sick for almost a week now and have not taken any medication. All that was given to her […]

Kubot The Aswang Chronicles 2 (MMFF 2014)

Kubot The Aswang Chronicles 2 is starring Dingdong Dantes and Isabelle Daza. This movie is the continuation of last year’s movie Tiktik. Their assumptions of peace and end of war between aswangs was wrong. This has a lot of aswangs in-store for us. This comedy-horror movie has high-end graphics used to effectively give us the goosebumps […]

Funny Korean Tooth Pulling Technique

Most kids fear dentists. They’re sometimes afraid when they have a loose tooth because the next thing they will do is to go to a dental clinic to have a tooth extraction. Kids at their young age usually fear injections. To motivate the kids to have a tooth extracted, parents share to their kids about […]

Philippine Army Propose Philippine Teacher

Love is all we need: from the great love of our Almighty and beloved family, to the love of our friends and neighbors. As we grow more mature, time will come that each of us will fall in love and need a special someone that we will love and will love us forever, that someone […]

BGC Guards Violently Arrest British Men for Skateboarding

A new case has been reported involving two Englishmen and Bonifacio Global City’s Marshals. The incident went more alarming when a video footage went viral. The incident started along 5th Avenue in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig in front of Banana Republic, in a Saturday (September 27) afternoon. According to the two Englishmen who were identified […]

Goto Monster Challenge

Filipinos are great lovers of food. In fact, most Filipino foods like “lechon” or roasted pig, adobong manok, balut, and others, became favorites also by few of foreigners.  One of the tasty Filipino foods is what they call as “Goto”. A “Goto” is a Filipino version of rice porridge or congee. Goto has beef tripe […]

Tearful Tragedy of True Love

Due to global K-Pop wave many countries won’t let Korean groups and superstars dominate simply. A hard fact for this one is the increasing influence of the Thai artists in the global music industry. Many new Thai artists have sprouted since then. They were not just making music for money but as it may they […]

Woman Stealing A Charity Donation Can In SM Megamall

Stealing is rampant since time immemorial. It had also been regarded as one of the Ten Commandments of God in the Catholic doctrine. Stealing is a serious crime. It is an unforgivable act and must be compensated with just punishment as provided by law. Stealing is a common scenario in a market, at school, anywhere. […]

Funny Yet Romantic Love Story

Thai music videos are going viral these days. With their pleasant and nice-to-hear voices, Thai singers would definitely bring you to a harmonic dimension of hearing. Among the talked about videos is the music video of the song “Unspoken Love” by Status Single. The music video made a hit in various sites because of its […]

Chinese kid doodles on dad’s Passport

Never limit a child’s imagination – a perception held by most parents and guardians. Parents usually get happy seeing their child/children honing their skills and talents. It is in the childhood stage that children get interested in anything they see. All things seem to be attractive, seem to be adorable, and seem to be tasty. […]

Heal The World On Two Guitars by LJ Manzano

Filipinos are known in various aspects. They are known for their values and great talents. These talents commonly include singing and dancing. Recently, another video of a Filipino showing and amazing and rare talent has become viral. It is not the usual that we see, not the usual Filipino who has an amazing voice or […]

Tandem Riders Rob Female Student Caught on CCTV

Crimes in the Philippines are continuously growing. These crimes include murder, kidnapping, trespassing, car stealing, and stealing or snatching. The suspects of those crimes involve different identities and groups or what they termed as “gangs”. One of the most common criminals is what they call as “Riding in Tandem”. This “Riding in Tandem” involves two […]

Can You Let Go Of the One you Truly Love?

Love is inevitably a need to each and every one of us: God’s love, a parent’s love, siblings’ love and a friend’s love. It is the root of all happiness. When you love something, you are happy to have or to do it, and when you love someone, you are happy to be with him […]

Tornado in Misamis Oriental Video

A water spout was reported to be seen in Manticao, Misamis Oriental last Friday September 26, 2014. A video was captured and uploaded in Facebook at the Go Manticao Go 2014 fan page and confirmed its existence. Some say that the video was fake because the environment appears to be very much stable as seen […]

Tiger Mauls 20-year-old man inside Zoo

September 23, 2014, Tuesday, a report of an incident of a 20-year old young man was reported to be mauled and killed by an Indian white tiger in a zoo enclosure. The incident happened at National Zoological Park in New Delhi, India. Currently, an Indian white tiger was held for public viewing in the said […]

Sad Love Story Thailand

Love involves commitment, involves loyalty. Love understands the capacity and incapacity of the partner to give. Love overweighs material things and should never let any material thing or ambition overweigh it. A Thai sensational video went viral tagged as “Sad Love Story Thailand”. It is a short video clip showing how two lovers were broken […]

Twenty-one English Accents

Another video has gone viral today. It is not about a kid who has amazing voice, or someone who does funny things, neither a lady who has amazing talent. Well, this video is different. The guy in the viral video doesn’t show his singing skills or dancing nor his acting skills. He’s not doing anything […]

Mother Gave Birth in CR and Abandoned Baby in Trash Can

A newborn child is the best blessing one could receive. Married couples dream to have a child to complete their family. Every time a lady is pregnant, a great blessing has come to her way, she even cries for happiness. But someone’s blessing maybe another one’s problem, whatever her reason may be. A real life […]

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